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Interview With Author Karin Salvalaggio on Bone Dust White

‘Karin Salvalaggio is an exciting new voice in crime fiction. Bone Dust White has been called a "first rate debut" and she continues to receive critical praise for her heroine, Detective Macy Greeley. In our interview, Salvalaggio discusses her inspiration, her approach to writing, and how growing up in an Air Force family impacted her writing career.’

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7 Questions with Karin Salvalaggio

'Karin Salvalaggio's arresting novel, Bone Dust White has been hailed as a gripping "first-rate debut" by our Whodunit columnist, Bruce Tierney.'

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– Interview Karin Salvalaggio, author Bone Dust White

‘I wanted the reader to go from feeling ambivalent to being fully engaged. I was also interested in examining the aftermath of crime on a community. I created a point of contention, a cast of characters and a setting. By throwing in an inciting incident I was able to explore how the shock waves rippled through the town of Collier. It was by following those waves that I found the real story.’